EYF is short for Episcopal Youth Fellowship, and is our group for High School students. It meets weekly during the school year, and has its primary focus on providing fun activities for kids of high school age. The group usually takes two or more trips a year.

In addition to fun activities, EYF also provides an opportunity for youth to discuss their developing faith as they are in the process of setting out on their own.

What EYF means to some of the young adults involved:

"EYF is a group organized for young adults in which they can grow together in Christ and relate to each otheBowlingr on many different levels. EYF is an outreach group working together to serve others,have fun and create friendhsips along the way. Altogether, EYF is a family who love and care for each other."

"EYF helps strengthen your relationship with God and the community."

"With the EYF group you can go on trips and witness how other churches worship at different activities, such as 'Happening'.That is a lot of fun - you can see how others see God and their religion in your age group."

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