Adopted Families Christmas Project


The goal of this outreach ministry is to provide families in need with an opportunity to ensure that their children will find something under the tree on Christmas morning.  Each year we help 75-85 families, with children totaling 225 to 300 children.  More than 18 area churches and organizations, numerous individuals from Good Shepherd, and other area groups contribute to this ministry in many ways.


Families choose free items at a “Christmas Store” that is set up in mid-December.  Besides toys and a book for each child, families are also invited to choose new hats, gloves, undies, socks, Christmas cookies, toothbrushes and toiletries for each family member. They may also receive wrapping paper, a voucher for shoes, a Christmas meal, and a visit to the basement rummage area.


The special gift of this ministry is to constantly witness how God provides the means for us to do this work.  It is never the same.  Every year we are able to provide through the generosity and love of new people that are put in our path.  The Adopted Families Christmas Project is not funded through the church budget.  Every year the amount of money available for this outreach varies.  One thing never changes: all of the monies raised by our church's Rummage Sales are designated for Adopted Families.  The people who donate to these sales, and those who work so hard to raise this money, are the backbone of our funding.


Some people may see the huge mountain of toys needed as nothing but frivolous, materialistic "stuff." Far from being a mountain of materialistic "stuff", the Adopted Familes programs ensures that parents, who might not otherwise be able, can provide special "somethings" under the tree for their children.The Adopted Families program is the largest effort at Good Shepherd in terms of money, number of volunteers, time, and people served. Through this ministry we are able to be an “outward and visible” sign of our Lord’s love and compassion for others.


There are many ways and times that one can be involved with the Adopted Families Christmas Project. No special skills are needed, but lots of helpers are necessary to make this project successful.


Our goal is to help parents have a surprise under the tree for their children. One year a parent looked at the selection of toys and told a store worker, “That’s exactly what my child has been asking for!” This is music to our ears! Contact us if you would like to be involved.


If you are a parent or family who would like to be considered for help from the Adopted Families Project, please check for applications at the church in October.         

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