Adult Forum

Every Sunday, during the time set aside for Christian Education there is an adult forum generally led by the Rector.  All are welcome to attend.

This forum can take different forms depending upon current issues affecting the parish.  Normally, the adult forum is based on the Bible readings (lessons) for the current Sunday.  The Rector, or minister, leads a discussion about the lessons and goes more deeply into the lessons and the background of the lessons.  If there is an urgent issue then the forum can be devoted to discussion or explanation of that issue.

The adult forum would be best characterized as a lecture format, although that is not 100% accurate.  The forum is led by the Rector, or other leader, and the Rector has responsibility for preparation.  During the forum questions and discussion are encouraged, and often that discussion can become lively enough to draw in many participants.

Coffee is an integral part of the adult forum.  Just grab one of the coffee cups off the rolling mug racks, help yourself to coffee or tea, have a seat and come join us.

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