Community service is an essential part of the life of Good Shepherd.  You will not be required, or embarrassed into, participating in community service if you come join our family, but we would love to have you involved.

The main criteria for serving is being willing to serve. Not only is experience not required, it has often been the case that God provides what is necessary to be of assistance to others.  The second criteria is the amount of time you have available, and when in the week that time is available.  Many of the ministries that operate from Good Shepherd deliver their services during the work week.  That does not mean, however, that if you have a job that there is no place for you.  There are many ways to help other than just delivery of services.  There is often preparation of one kind or another; many services require purchase of items before services can be delivered; and often there is tracking of one kind or another involved that can be done during the weekends or at night,

Our most active ministries are Adopted Families, which, although it delivers its services at Christmas time, is active in one form or another all year long.  This activity gives away more than $10,000 worth of gifts to approximately 75 families each year.  Our Food Pantry is active all year long to help those in need.    In the summer, we offer a weekly hot dog supper in conjunction with the Liberty Street Church of God, and other area churches.   Joining each of these activities can happen if you want it to.  This is not a complete list of all that we do at Good Shepherd.  As last count there were over 30 different activities going on with the community.  Some are relatively inactive at present, because of lack of volunteers.  Maybe you would like to be the person that reactivates one of these services to the community.

We also have ways to serve the church family.  We have a large group that is involved in preparation for our church services, another group that participates in the services, and others that help with the services.  We are always looking for people with the skills and inclination to work with youth.

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