How Do I Join? 

There are a variety of ways that you can participate at Good Shepherd:

1. As a visitor: Come as often as you like; contribute or not as you see fit; be a part of our Sunday School or adult classes. If you have been baptized, take communion if you wish. If you have not been baptized speak to the Rector. We love visitors!

2. Be a participant: You do not have to be an Episcopalian, or a member of any church, or even a formal Christian to be a participant at Good Shepherd. Come, participate in what you wish, and contribute toward the upkeep of the church and you are a participant with all the same privileges as any other member. There will be no pressure regarding your contribution. That's between you and God. We just want you here. Don't let any concerns about finances keep you away.

3. Become an Episcopalian. We hope you will, but will understand if you don't. If you are seriously considering becoming an active participant or an Episcopalian, click on the pink church link below for more detailed information. (You will need Adobe PDF reader to open this link.  To get a free version of Adobe PDF reader go to the "For Members" tab.)  Be Part of the Pink Church

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